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What Is A Number And How Is It Structured?

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What Is The Structure Of Numbers

What is a number? One or more numerical digits (0 - 9) combined form a number.

Let's talk about the number 6,937.
  • The number 6 is in the fourth place to the left. This is the thousand position.
  • The number 9 is in the third place to the left. This is the hundred position.
  • The number 3 is in the second place to the left. This is the ten position.
  • The number 7 is in the first place to the left. This is the one position.

Here are more interesting facts about the number 6,937.
  • Using a comma makes the number easier to read.
  • Commas are used after each group of three digits starting from the right.
  • The comma in 6937 is placed between 6 and 9. This means that 6,937 has 6 thousands, 9 hundreds, 3 tens, and 7 ones.

Number 6,937 Visually
Thousands (1000) Hundreds (100) Tens (10) Ones (1)
6 9 3 7

Here is how we show this number in addition format.

+    7