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Surface Area Of A Rectangle Calculator

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How To Find The Surface Area Of A Rectangle?

Let's look at the geometric characteristics of a rectangle. But first, please review the definition of Surface Area Of Three-Dimensional Shapes, Right Angle, and Exponents.
  • A rectangle has some unique features. It has four sides, however all four sides cannot be equal in length. The two sides that are opposite from each other (widths) may be the same lengths. The other two sides, the one on the top and the one on the bottom (lengths), may have the same length as each other. One more very important characteristic about rectangles are the length, width, and height are NOT required to be the same length.
  • Another unique feature of a rectangle, all sides are perpendicular to the side at its endpoints.
  • Special note, the side of a rectangle must be greater than zero.

Surface Area Of A Rectangle
Surface Area = (Length × Height) + (Length × Height) + (Width × Height) + (Width × Height) + (Length × Width) + (Length × Width) =
Surface Area = ((L × H) + (W × H) + (L × W)) + ((L × H) + (W × H) + (L × W)) =
Surface Area = 2 × (L × H) + 2 × (W × H) + 2 × (L × W) =
Surface Area = 2 × ((L × H) + (W × H) + (L × W))

Image Of A Three Dimensional Rectangle

Rectangle Object

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