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Surface Area Of A Cylinder, Cylinder Surface Area Calculator

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How To Find The Surface Area Of A Cylinder?

Let's look at the geometric characteristics of a cylinder. But first, please review the definition of Surface Area Of Three-Dimensional Shapes.
  • A cylinder is a two dimensional circle with height; with height it becomes a three dimensional shape.
  • The trick is to identify the area of the cylinder base which is a circle: Area Of A Circle. This result will be part of the surface area of a cylinder formula; the formula for the base or area of a circle: πr2. Also keep in mind there are two base areas - top and bottom.
  • To learn the surface area of the cylinder length we must multiply the height of the cylinder by the circumference of the cylinder. Let us call the height of the cylinder H. We know from basic math that the circumference of a circle can be computed using the following formula: 2 times Pi times the radius of the circumference or more simply 2πr
  • Special note, the Base, and Height of the cylinder must be greater than zero.

Surface Area Of A Cylinder
Surface Area = (Base + Base) + (Circumference * Height) =
Surface Area = (πr2 + πr2) + ((2 × π × r) × H) =
Surface Area = (2 × π × r2) + (2 × π × r × H) =
Surface Area = 2πr2 + 2πrH =
Surface Area = 2 × π × r × (r + H) =

Image Of A Three Dimensional Cylinder

Cylinder Object

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