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How To Find The Perimeter Of A Square

Let's look at the geometric characteristics of a square. But first, please review the definition of Perimeter Of Two-Dimensional Shapes, and Angle, and Right Angle.
  • A square has some unique features, all sides are equal in length. For example, if one side (S) is three inches in length, the other three sides are also three inches in length.
  • Another unique feature of a Square, at the end of each Line Segment the next Line Segment is Perpendicular; this means at the line segment interception, the angles are 90° or Right Angle.
  • Special note, the sides of a square must be greater than zero.

Perimeter Of A Square Formula
Formula = Side + Side + Side + Side =
Formula = S + S + S + S =
Formula = 4 × S


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