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User Friendly How To Find The Perimeter Of Geometric Shapes.

How To Find The Perimeter Of Two Dimensional (2D) Shapes

What is the definition of perimeter? The simplest way to think of perimeter, is the distanse around the outer edge of any shape.

In geometry, a two dimensional shape is a shape with length and width but no height. The perimeter of a 2D dimensional shape, is the total distance around its edges. The unit of measure for Perimeter may be any of the following: inches, feet, centimeters, meters, plus many other measurements.

Let us look at a real example. Picture the diagram below as a garden. The garden is 10 feet in Length (L) by 6 feet in Width (W). If we walked around the garden, foot by foot we can determine the Perimeter. Why is the statement true? The perimeter is simply the length of the outside edge of the shape. So back to our garden. Let's walk around it: 6 feet + 10 feet + 6 feet + 10 feet equals 32 feet. Thirty-Two feet is the Perimeter of our garden. The math formula for what we just did is shown below:

Perimeter Of Example Shape Formula
Formula = Length + Width + Length + Width =
Formula = (2 × Length) + (2 × Width) =
Formula = 2 × (Length + Width) =
Formula = 2 × (L + W) =

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