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How To Find The Perimeter Of A Parallelogram?

Let's look at the geometric characteristics of a parallelogram. But first, please review the definition of Perimeter Of Two-Dimensional Shapes, and Right Angle.
  • A parallelogram is very similar to a rectangle; a rectangle has vertical sides, a parallelogram does not. A parallelogram four sides; two side have the same length - let's call these two sides the Length (L).
  • The other two sides have the same length but their length are different from the first lengths - let's call these two sides the Width (W).
  • Special note, both the height and base lengths of a parallelogram must be greater than zero.

Perimeter Of A Parallelogram Formula
Perimeter = Length + Width + Length + Width =
Perimeter = 2 × Length + 2 × Width =
Perimeter = 2 × (Length + Width) =
Perimeter = 2 × (L + W)

Parallelogram Object

Perimeter Of A Parallelogram Calculator
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