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What Is The Circumference Of A Circle?

Let's look at the geometric characteristics of a circle, But first, please review the definition of Perimeter Of Two-Dimensional Shapes, and Pi.
  • The Perimeter Of A Circle is also known as the Circumference Of A Circle.
  • The widest length is through the center of the Circle. This length is known as the diameter of the circle; In the example, it is shown as "D" in the diagram.
  • If you draw a line from the exact center of the diameter to any edge of the Circle, this is called the radius; In the example, it is shown as "R". Also the radius is half the value of the diameter.
  • To compute the circumference (perimeter) of a Circle, you will use Pi as part of the formula.
  • Special note, the diameter of a circle must be greater than zero.

Circumference Of A Circle Formula
Circumference = 2 × Pi × Radius =
Circumference = 2 × π × r

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