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How Do I Find The Area Of Isosceles Triangle

Let's look at the geometric characteristics of an isosceles triangle. But first, please review the definition of Area Of Two-Dimensional Shapes, Angle, and Right Angle.
  • An isosceles triangle has two unique features.
  • The first unique feature of an isosceles triangle is two sides have exactly the same length: sides A.
  • The second unique feature of an isosceles triangle the angles at the base of the triangle are exactly the same. In other words ∠BA and ∠AB are equal. The sum of the interior angles is 180°.
  • Special note, all sides of an isosceles triangle must be greater than zero.

Area Of Isosceles Triangle Formula
Formula = ½ × B × H

Isosceles Triangle

Area Of An Isosceles Triangle Calculator
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