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How To Find The Area Of A Two Dimensional Geometric Shape

How To Find The Area Of A Two Dimensional Shape

In geometry, the Definition Of Area of a two dimensional Shape (a shape with length and width but no height), is the total space in-side the edges of the shape. The unit of measure for Area of a shape may be any of the following: square inches, square feet, square centimeters, square meters, square kilometers, etc.

Let us look at a real example. Picture the diagram below as a garden. The garden is 10 feet in length (L) by 6 feet width (W). The Area of the rectangle is equal to the Length times Width. If the length is 10 feet and the width is 6 feet, then the Area equals 60 square feet (6 feet × 10 feet = 60 feet * feet = 60 feet2). Square feet at first may appear to be a strange measurement. Using the diagram, pictured drawing 10 lines across, and 6 lines down; now count the number of squares in the garden. There are sixty! Instead of measuring and counting blocks, we use math formula to get the same answer. Also when we make an area measurement of a shape, we refer to it in square units such as square inches, square meters, etc.

Area Formula
Formula = Length × Width = L × W

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