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Definition Of Reciprocal Fraction

What Are Reciprocal Fractions?

A Reciprocal Fraction is the inverse of a Fraction. A simple example, the inverse of 3/7 is 7/3.

As you can see, a reciprocal of a fraction is just flipping the numerator and denominator. More facts about this type of fraction:
  • Any Fraction with a numerator with a value of zero has no reciprocal. Example: the value of fraction 0/3 is zero. If we take the reciprocal 3/0, we know a fraction with a denominator of zero is undefined.
  • The product of a fraction and its reciprocal is always one with exception of a denominator of zero. Here is an example: 3/5 × 5/3 =  15/15  =  1.
  • The reciprocal of any Integer is 1/Integer with exception of the number zero. Let's use the number 10 as an example; the reciprocal is 1/10.