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Learn How To Multiply Fractions With Common Denominators And Unlike Denominators

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Learn Fraction Multiplication With Common Denominators Or Unlike Denominators

The simplest fraction math problem is addition of fractions with the same denominator. It is a three step procedure to get the final answer:
  • Add the whole number part of all fractions to get the sum.
  • Since all the fractions have the same denominator, add all fraction numerators to get the sum of the fractions.
  • Simplify the fractional sum and combine their result with the whole number sum.

Multiplication Fraction Problem

68  ×  12  = 

Multiply Numerators And Denominator Of Both Fractions

(6 × 1)(8 × 2)  =  616

Reduce The Fraction Using The Greatest Common Divisor

616  =  6 ÷ 216 ÷ 2  =  38

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