Math K-Plus

We Help Young Students Ages 5 to 15 Learn Math Independently

Classroom And Homework Tools To Help Kids Learn

Numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Factoring, Math Properties, Roots, Exponents, Geometry, and More.

First a general discussion of the resources we provide kids. Below the discussion is a table of the resources available or use the "Math" menu above.

We help children in three ways:
  • First discussions and lessons are used to build a foundation of each subject before actually solving problems.
  • Secondly and most importantly, most of our problem solving calculators show step-by-step instructions how to solve problems. Students can teach themselves math by practicing as much as needed and getting feedback where their decisions are correct or flawed.
  • Thirdly, skill improvement is aided and encouraged using provided self tests and quizzes. See "Help" menu about creating a user account in order to run tests and quizzes.

Methods we use in order to make learning easier for students:
  • Step By Step Instructions

    When showing the solution to a problem, each step is shown in detail. This process teaches the student by example.
  • Self Paced Lessons

    There are no time limits on lessons. Students can learn at their own pace.
  • Lesson Review

    The student can revisit earlier lessons to refresh what they have learned at any time.
  • Clear Answers

    The answer to any problem entered by the student or created by the computer is explained in detail.
  • Rapid Question Answers

    Maintains student's attention on the lesson with rapid answers to problems.
  • Quizzes

    At any time, the student can take a five question quiz. This allows the students to test their knowledge of the current study material. This information is recorded for review by the student/parent/guardian in the future. This test history shows the unique progress by the student. The quiz answer history can be retrieved at any time to measure progress.
  • Tests

    At any time, the student can take a five question test. This allows the students to validate the lesson just learned. At the end of the Test, the student can see their results: Total test score, and Time performance break down. No historical information is kept.