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Roots - Learn How To Simplify Square Roots And Use Calculator For Verification

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Simplifying Square Roots

Before we move forward and learn about square roots of products, be sure you understand the basics. Recommended reading: Square Roots.

  • Let's look at an real example:
    2 × 30
    2 × 2 × 15
    2 × 2 × 3 × 5
    23 × 5
    2 15
  • Here is a tip. If the number to be factored is large, use Prime Factorization.
More on Simplifying Square Roots. A square root expression is considered simplified if the radicand has no repeated factors. To simplify, factor the radicand and move any factors that appears twice outside the square root sign.

Please Read! To use this calculator is easy. You can use any input format shown in the table above. You indicate the radical sign with the letter "r". Example 10r(7-4) = 10√(7-4) = 10√3.

Simplifying Square Roots Calculator
Instructions Field Name User Input
Simplifying Square Roots Calculator instructions:
  • If you want to check the answer to a homework problem fill in the empty fields: Square Roots Problem.
  • Next fill in the Your Answer field with your answer to the problem.
  • Press the Submit button to see if your answer is correct.
Square Root Problem
You can enter up to 10 digits
Your Answer
You can enter up to 10 digits
Correct Answer