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Math K-Plus

Math Resources For Kids: Arithmetic, Fractions, Factoring, Math Properties, Roots, Exponents, and Geometry

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Math K-Plus is a free website that provides homework study tools to help children learn arithmetic. We do this two ways. First by providing problem solving calculators showing step-by-step instructions how to solve the following types of math problems: Arithmetic, Fractions, Math Properties, Factoring, Roots, Exponents, and Geometry. Secondly, skill improvement using self tests and quizzes. To use the self test and quiz features, you must create a user account by clicking the Sign In link. To learn more about the self test and quiz features click the help Help. link.

If you find our website useful, we would appreciate you sharing it.

Methods we use in order to make learning easier for students:
  • Step By Step Instructions

    When showing the solution to a problem, each step is shown in detail. This process teaches the student by example.
  • Self Paced Lessons

    There are no time limits on lessons. Students can learn at their own pace.
  • Math Lesson Review

    The student can revisit earlier lessons to refresh what they have learned at any time.
  • Clear Math Answers

    The answer to any math problem entered by the student or created by the computer is explained in detail.
  • Rapid Question Answers

    Maintains student's attention on the lesson with rapid response to math problems.
  • Math Quizzes

    At any time, the student can take a five question math quiz. This allows the students to test their knowledge of the current study material. This information is recorded for review by the student/parent/guardian in the future. This test history shows the unique progress by the student. The quiz answer history can be retrieved at any time to measure progress.
  • Math Tests

    At any time, the student can take a five question Math Test. This allows the students to validate the lesson just learned. At the end of the Test, the student can see their results: Total test score, and Time performance break down. No historical information is kept.